About Us

421 Venice

421 Venice is a new brand of watches created by two Friends and Partners, Mr Claudio Dalla Mora & Dario Ceolotto , after a research of new ideas inspiring to their lovely and unique hometown: Venice.

Fable says that on March 25th , 421 A.D. on a place of the Venetian Lagoon, called Riva Alta, it has been laid the first stone of a Church consecrated in the name of St. Giacomo. In the following years around that first settlement, has been built the first houses which have given birth to the city of Venice.

Venice is worldwide known as the city on the water, surrounded by ancient buildings and amazing views.

We love the history of our hometown, but at the same time we look at the future. For this reason we’ve created a Collection of watches which goes totally against the “vintage look”, but it preserves the colors of this magic place.

The rose gold of the statues, the bronze and the gold of the byzantine mosaics, the blue of the lagoon, the silver of the bridges and the black of the night are the colors that we’ve used to create our collection.

Each line takes name from an area of Venice, if you visit it, you can understand why we’ve made this choice.

After one year from the launch at Baselworld 2016, our Brand is distributed in selected concept stores through the gulf of the UAE and we’re looking now to distributors who can bring our passion for Venice and for the future worldwide.

Without the past, there would be nothing to think about.

If you want to lay a new stone in the World of watches, come onboard with us!